The Like Chapaa team has been hard at work trying to change the shape of the e-commerce landscape in Kenya. We have a dream to to make it possible for even the least tech-savvy people in Kenya to do e-commerce quickly and easily. Has our labor got any fruits?

DukaPress. Coming soon. Sooner than you think.

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  1. Paul Kevin says:

    Finally. Ive tried mzoori, doesnt work for me. Hope this will be better, cant wait

    • What did you dislike the most about mzoori?

      • Paul Kevin says:

        Well, the concept is good, but its….boring…..I see no need to go back to that site. Its like my yahoo mail, visit it once a week. Ecommerce is meant to be fun, mzoori is trying too much. And may I mention all the bugs it has. Dont launch a product that has bugs, thats why we have soft openings for testing and bug testing. or as game developers call it, the BETA release

  2. Paul Kevin says:

    After seeing the site, all I can say is brilliant concept. Love it

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