YU Treading On Dangerous Ground

I’ve, really, not had any problems with the YU mobile network ever since I made the switch from Safaricom. But things are starting to get…weird.

Kwanza, what happened to the clarity I used to love? Talking on my YU line used to be a joy. The last two days have been close to torture. How long shall I continue to pay someone to torture me?

Pili, and more importantly: a few of my friends have complained that they loaded airtime on YU and it simply…vanished. I did not pay much attention to this as I did not think YU would let something like that happen. I mean, if customers cannot trust that the money they put on their phone will remain theirs until they use it then YU has no business. Well, this morning I ‘lost’ Ksh 50 when I loaded my phone. Lost! To make matters worse, the customer service was unhelpful and bordering on rude…and they hang up the phone as I was talking.

Dear YU, I do not know what’s going on with you people. You used to be really good. But now….well, you’re bordering on being thieves.

YU have to realise that their business is that of providing ‘infrastructure’. People rely on their service for important things (like work). Whenever a phone company like YU has issues, the lives of its subscribers are inconvenienced in multiple and painful ways. For this reason, people will only use those phone service companies which they feel they can trust.

It seems that one can no longer trust YU. How sad – when at some point they were one of the better phone companies out there….

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  1. Paul Kevin says:

    Well, i dont see it lasting….even with their unlimited net offer looks like desperation

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