When Makmende gets a nature call, he hangs up!

Well, well, well…things are definitely changing around here. I believe Kenya has its first internet sensation and truly viral video.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably already heard about Makmende. Had you heard of him before last week? It all started when Just a Band released one of the most innovative Kenyan music videos ever made. What followed after is…well, Makmende took over everywhere on Twitter and Facebook. According to this, makmende.com got over 120,000/- hits in just over 60 hours thanks to brilliant SEO and online marketing by Blue Monde.

What does this mean? It means that Just A Band’s video has been watched and discussed by tens of thousands of people on Twitter and Facebook and Makmende is the buzzword at the moment. Kudos to everyone who was involved in this.

Why don’t you do something similar for your business, your products?

Watch the video, Makmende Amerudi!

You can read all about Makmende here.

The title to this post was lifted off Twitter.

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