We’re Off!

Biashara 30 has officially started. We look forward to some good times with a group of motivated and ambitious individuals.

What will we be doing? We’ll be doing something along these lines, “I think we need to pool all ideas together. Pick a couple of them that are achievable in the short run (I personally think projects that run for what seems to be infinitely tend to collapse mid-way as the objectives become hazy with time, commitment diminishes etc) and from here give members a chance to group themselves in teams of about 5 people. This should be left to the discretion of the members, so needless to say, we would need to meet sometime in the near future so guys can have a chance to meet the other members and see whom they click with and would work together well. From the ideas chosen each team will pick whichever project they like and start on task division.” (This was written by one of the B30 participants).

We’ll keep you posted on what we get up to. To everyone who applied, thank you.

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