Time’s Running Out

This is just a quick update on the state of Biashara 30, season 2. The applications have been coming in and we have to say that we never imagined we would get so many. Thank you, everyone, for applying and/or showing interest. It means a whole lot to us. We want to assure all of you that we will give everyone a fair chance to ‘get in’ once we start sorting out the applications.

More than anything else, we are humbled. The quality of the applicants is simply unbelievable and you can just ‘feel’ everyone’s energy and determination. We are excited at the thought of working with you all and cannot wait to get this thing started!

To that end, if you still have not applied, please do so soon. We’ll be closing the application process in a few days and we don’t want anyone to miss out. B30 is about learning to do biashara online; learning by doing. Are you interested? Please apply. It is free and everyone qualifies to get in (but we’ll only work with a small number).

To those who have applied: thank you! Nickel Pro, who sponsor this website and, by extension B30, will be giving away free hosting to everyone who gets in. This is so that you can get your online biasharas up chap chap. Please be patient, we’ll send those acceptance emails out real soon.


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