‘White People Stole My Car’

Who really stole your car?

Who really stole your car?

‘White people stole my car’ became one of the most searched topics in Google over the past few days. If you are thinking it’s the new hot rock band, you are wrong. So what made this phrase so popular? The result generated by Google on the search was ‘Did you mean: Black people stole my car.’

I know, I know, right now you are probably like ‘whaaaaaat???’ Well, if you spent sometime on Google more than a week ago trying to figure out why this phrase became one of the most searched phrases, you probably came across a lot of unsatisfactory results and got a whole lot of bugs and viruses while at it. I have tried the search severally but haven’t been lucky enough to get the said results either because Google has already fixed it, or it simply never happened. There isn’t really anything out there that fully explains this.

Some say it was just another Internet scheme, some say it really did happen. Either way it has been all over the Internet and generated comments from readers all over the world expressing their disapproval, shaming Google and demanding a public apology. While others have just taken it with a light touch and laughed it off. Weather it was a mistake by Google or some schemer’s plot, it sure has caught a lot of attention.

Here are some comments I came across:

Kevin: Try to Google black people shoot up school or black man chops up his wife and see what the results are smh. LOL
Jay: How is it racist? The search engine generates results based on popularity. More websites have the content “black people stole my car” than “white people stole my car”. Statistics are the truth….not racism.
Flagburner: All black people are criminals, some just hide it better than others.
Brandon: After nosing around a bit, I discovered that devilish lil’ spammers made this oh-too-popular phrase appear on Google Trends and from there, folks were led to Web sites filled with spam and viruses.
Joe: How about this: WET(White Entertainment Television)
now how would that go over? Will blacks be upset? Will you watch?
Mandy: Honestly? Come up to where I live and you’ll see all the blackies acting like we owe them something…
From Canada: Racism is alive and real… Blacks are suffering internationally, even in Africa.. slavery has been replaced by debt and prison systems…It’s worse than the Martin Luther King days, because it’s hidden…I am a successful black, but why did I have to work 3 times harder and be 10 times more aware???
Anon: relax everyone. It’s hilarious! I laughed so hard when I read that… and black people DID probably steal your car. Ha ha ha funny though!
Brik: So you are saying that white folks ain’t thieves? That’s just Bull!!
Jolenr: Ok this is racist but really funny. Like if I Googled “black people can’t dance” and it said “did you mean “white people can’t dance?” we need not to take ourselves so serious and laugh!
Heidi: a joke is something that all or most people can laugh @…even as a white woman this makes me upset. I think to just say “oh its a joke” should not make it okay.

There is also a whole website whitepeoplestolemycar dedicated to helping all our brothers out there find their stolen cars.
So to laugh or frown upon it is up to you.

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  1. lol Wambere, try google for that “black people can’t dance” and see if it says “did you mean “white people can’t dance?”


    But I agree with one of the commenters, Jay, there. If indeed this whole thing is true, it is not racism – there are just more pages indexed by Google that refer to “black people stole my car”.

  2. Back to blogs. I see I’ve missed quite a bit. hahah this is funny. My first reaction was a chuckle.

  3. Talk of e-racism! lol… bt am still proud to be black..

    • I do not think that it is e-racism. Would Google really want to go against black people so directly? I think not – at the very east, it is bad for business.

  4. lulz, racist mofos!

  5. What was someone even looking for googling ati White people stole my car?!! Lol this gets funnier.

  6. Yeah, what was someone looking for? I thought it to be a movie title or something.

  7. Believe it or not, white people steal cars too

  8. angelina says:

    He used easy web print…….. you seriously think Google did that? C’mon use your sight and common sense put two and two together…..

  9. the reality is that white people have done more stealing than blacks. examples are libya’s oil., iraq’s oil, native american indian lands, mexico (california texas arizona …) hawaii, colonialism in kenya drc, most parts of africa.

    so which theft is more destructive?

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