That word again…

Overheard at a bank (the dreadful KCB):

Customer: Could you give me a KCB pen?
KCB employee: I don’t have pens sir.
Customer: But you work here, could you get me one?
KCB employee: I’m sorry that isn’t in my job description..

What the hell is going on here? Not in your job description? Please. it’s called customer care, honey. See, it doesn’t matter what is in your job description – when dealing with a customer your job description is to make him/her happy! Sheesh. If I was the employee’s superior I’d seriously consider firing her. On the spot.

Customer care people, customer care.

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  1. The bank is the last place one would expect bad service given that you are most of the time giving them your money. The problem is no one trains customer care stuff!

    For most of them its just a 9 to 5 job, which they onlx do cause they have no other choice. It is also common for job applicant rejects to land in customer service, so see how the cycle starts?

    Once I was in a Safaricom Care Centre and this lady comes in to ask the representative where she could get wholesale top up cards at a good price, the representative told her ati she didn’t know! And the way that lady customer was so old, the representative just rudely told her to go ask them (the sellers) in River Road!

    The KRA customer care office should be nicknamed ‘customer scare’. You can line up for hours there!

    • It’s hard to think of any company that treats customers well in our land of Kenya. Some companies, like Safaricom, are serial offenders. They don’t care – they don’t have to. That’s a problem: the consequences of poor customer care in Kenya aren’t that scary.

      What can we do?

      Thanks for stopping by Mama

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