Kenya’s got talent!

I really like the TV show “America’s got talent”. What about you? I am always amazed at all the different people who do so many different things – some crazy and some, to be honest, just plain dumb. But there’s no doubt in my mind that America really does have talent – people do amazing things on that show. What about Kenya, though, do we have talent? Some of the Topic Comic try outs make me think we have close to zero talent :p

Seriously, though, I believe that Kenya does have talent, lots of it. This was confirmed to me by a very interesting few weeks of the Biashara 30 program. As you probably know, the Like Chapaa team is currently involved in a little project to try teach people how to earn money online (without charging them). The pace of the program has been somewhat slow but it’s picked up recently and we’re taking some major positive steps.

We’ve just been going for two weeks but already have several ‘businesses’ in the making, which are 100% original ideas of the Biashara 30 students. Mind you, some of them were complete newbies (they aren’t anymore). So far, we have two online shops (that I fully believe will be successful) and a really interesting idea for an ebook to be written and sold. I admit, some of the B30 students are not interesting (or interested) but there are a few who have a lot of creative energy about them and amaze me with their motivation and creativity. Watch this space, you’re going to see interesting internet businesses come up soon.

What about you? Do you have talent? What are you doing with it? Kenya’s got talent!

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  1. I like the fact that they (America) give everyone a chance to come out there and show what they got. Even those who do not win at least get to showcase their talents and who knows who’s watching the show and might be interested. That is a strong avenue for job creation.

    Your venture is the way to go considering the internet explosion we’re awaiting. Perfect timing. Kudos and all the best.

    Talent? Yep I got talent. Partly utilized but with a more serious look it can be used to full advantage. And thats my wake up call right there.

    • Thanks for the good wishes Shiko. 🙂

      Of course you have talent – you can write so damn well!! I’m anxiously waiting to see the end results of the ‘wake up call’ 😉

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