Making Money Online – Where To Start

If you have even basic knowledge of operating computers with access to a good speed Internet connection, you can make some money online. Lots of people dream of making money online but many don’t have an idea of where to start. Where do you start? What’s the fastest way to make money online?

Making money on the Internet doesn’t always demand investing money or having technical knowledge. With hi-speed Internet coming to Kenya soon, making money online will be easy. To prove this point, we are listing down several online money making ways as part of our introductory article on this subject. Whether you are able to earn Kshs 70 a day or Kshs 5,000/- a day, the fact is that you can money money online now!

Top Ways of Making Money Online

  1. Amazon Affiliate Programs – Sign up for’s affiliate program and sell Amazon’s products on behalf of Amazon. will provide you complete support and back-up, and they will pay up to a 15% commission on each sale.
  2. Amazon Seller – Have something you want to sell online? Earn cash by selling your stuff on It’s easy, it’s fast, and it doesn’t cost you a penny until your item sells. They provide the infrastructure and support – you just earn whenever your product is sold.
  3. Adbrite – Barter space on your website for text advertisements. Adbrite pays you for selling your website space.
  4. Associated Content – If you are good at expressing your emotions on paper, or if you have experience in a particular field, write about it and submit to Associated Content to get paid $3-$20 for each article that gets accepted. Get paid for submitting text, video, audio or images.
  5. eBay – Way too popular to write much about! Simply collect your old stuff, or any stuff, and sell it to earn money.
  6. GetAfreelancer – An freelance website that has all kinds of projects for writers, editors, programmers, coders, web designers etc. All you need to do is become a member and start bidding on projects in your areas of expertise and get paid for projects you win. An alternative is Elance or Guru.
  7. Infolinks – This is one of the best ways to earn good money. Infolink deals with ‘in-text advertising’ that can be seen on many websites as scattered double underlined links. Simply sign up and start.
  8. Etsy – Do you create crafts? Etsy is a huge online marketplace where people sell their crafts. Since it draws people looking for handmade products or craft supplies, Sellers find it more profitable for many crafts than eBay.
  9. Clickbank – This is an excellent opportunity for people who have a knack for selling. Basically, clickbank is a large extensive databank of products which you can sell for a commission – with the commission rates being generally 50% or higher. Simply find a product you like and start promoting it!
  10. InnerSell – Do you have a customer who needs a product or service that you don’t sell? Earn additional income when you use the InnerSell system to connect those customers who want what you don’t sell with trusted Vendors who have a track record of delivering.
  11. Software Judge – If you have a strong opinion about some software, whether positive or negative, and want to get paid for your review, this is the place to go!
  12. Cafepress – Are you artistic? Cafepress let’s you put your designs on Tshirts, Hats, Mugs etc with no upfront costs AND they give you a shop where you can sell your branded items.

Finally, note that it is possible for you to make money on the internet if you put time and effort into it. One of the major reasons why most newbies fail is because their expectations are not in line with the level of effort required to be successful. Be prepared to work hard for every cent that you make.

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  1. hey you’re awesome, that’s a really cool picture of you !!! True True on the fast internet connection! Thanks for Etsy, I’ve never heard of it before!
    You are cool and trendy

  2. Hi, I wanted to sign-up with Clickbank, unfortunately the sign-up page doesn’t have Kenya listed as Kenya is not one of the accepted countries. Just FYI.

    • Unfortunately, this is one of the harsh and sad realities of doing business online from Kenya. 🙁

      Affiliate marketing becomes real hard without clickbank, sigh.

  3. Hi, I’ve been trying to set up an account on amazon to sell my own stuff, rather than stuff already on that site. Apparently, one has to have an A/C with a bank in the USA to open a seller account. do you know of any way around this?

  4. Francis says:

    Tnw bro 4 dis site.i t has really help me

  5. Francis says:

    I’ m now starting 2 earn online with PTC site.the problem i hv now is hw 2 get dat money with paypal & alertpay not working in kenya.i hv earn $1100 bt i dnt knw hw 2 gt it.pls help me wid ua ideas.

  6. Hi, How do I go about promoting products on click bank? can i get a mentor who is already working with it?

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