How To Make Money From Domain Name Parking

So we’ve learned quite a bit about domain names and domaining in general. You’ve done your research, picked a good domain name and perhaps even registered it. What now? How do you make money from it? There are two main ways you can make money with domain names. One of these is domain name parking and it is what I am talking about today.

Simply put, domain name parking is pointing your domain name to a page, typically containing advertisements. In other words, instead of building a normal website, you “park” your domain. Parking can be used for any of the following: serve as a ‘holder’ while you builds your site (like, allow people a means to contact you, assess the number of people who visit a website and, finally, earn free money.

How do you earn money by parking your domain? Think of it this way: the ‘parked’ page that your domain is pointing to could contain advertisements. When people click on these adverts, you could earn money. Got it? There are two ways to do this:

1. Domain Name Parking Services
These are people who you partner with to place the adverts on your parked domains. Their adverts are usually contextual, meaning they are configured to math what the visitor to your site is looking for. For example, if someone got to your website by searching for “soccer” on Google, the parking service will display advertisements related to soccer in hopes that this will interest the visitor to click. Cool, eh? Here are some good domain name parking services:

Sedo – Sedo is the most popular domain parking service on the net right now. It is a very professional service with a lot of features available absolutely free. A good thing about Sedo is that it is also one of the largest domain name marketplaces and so you get exposure to people who may want to buy your domain. – is solely a parking service, which allows them to focus more on the earning aspect of parked domains. Their payments are higher than those of Sedo.

2. Creating Landing Pages
Instead of sharing the revenue with a domain name parking service, why not create your own parked page? That’s exactly what a landing page is – it is where visitors “land” when they visit your website.

The purpose of a landing page is to make the visitor click on an advertisement or other offer and so the best landing pages are those in which users do not have to scroll at all – everything is displayed the moment the page loads. Also, if you load your page with so many advertisements and pop-ups, pop-unders, and God knows what else it all turns to spam and the visitor will very likely just quit the page. However, if you integrate your ads into the page subtly and classy then you are more likely to get leads and ad clicks. You should also make an attempt to give your landing page a somewhat professional appearance.

To make money from a landing page, you need to have offers or advertisements. Where do you get them?

Google Adsense – Google Adsense is the most popular contextual advertising service today. And for good reason – Adsense has a good targeting feature that gives your visitors ads that are extremely relevant to your domain. Since they’re backed by Google, you can rely on Adsense?s reputation and never have to worry about them not paying out at the end of the month.

Commission Junction – Commission Junction (CJ) specializes in offering products or lead offers to publishers rather than contextual ads. This means you advertise actual products and services of your choosing rather than automatically generated adverts. CJ typically have better pay outs than Adsense.

Other advertising networks you can use.

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This article is part one of a series of articles that will fully explore making money online from domain names. The other articles in this series are:

1. Introduction
2. Domain Extensions
3. Researching Keywords
4. Domain Name Registration
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