How About Fish Farming?

They say there is a lot of potential in fish farming. Dwindling supply and the increasing demand for fish and fisheries products offers great opportunities to producers towards meeting both the increasing local and export demand for fish.

I recently came across an interesting organisation called Inspired Fish Farming ( admin[at] ) which offers managed fish farming as an investment opportunity. Basically what these guys are offering is the opportunity for one to lease a fish pond and its day-to-day management and then partake of the profits once the fish mature and are sold. According to them you can invest Kshs 125,000/- and make a gross amount of Kshs 205,000/-. That is a gross profit of about Kshs 80,000/- in about 10 months.

What do you think, readers, is it a good deal?

One good thing about it is that it is completely on “autopilot” as far as you are concerned in that you are not involved in managing the pond or the fish. You just invest and, potentially, profit.

I think agribusiness has a lot of potential in our country. If this opportunity makes sense for it, go for it! I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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  1. Fish is becoming more expensive day by day. As people realize the nutritive value of fish, it will become even more expensive. Fish farming is highly profitable and requires very little care after the initial ground work. Raising cat fish is even easier than tilapia.

    Jan [ BSc in Agriculture]

  2. Interesting to hear Jan that fish farming is easy and is highly profitable …… ? Whats the evidence base for this in Kenya? E Africa ? SS Africa? What do you reckon … it certainly can be but not for everyone or anyone …. And setting up and maintaining a profitable durable aquaculture business is certainly not easy – far from ot and a lot of work – ask the people at Dominin farms in Kenya or Trop Farms in Ghana . For those interested in gaining and sharing information and contacts about aquaculture in Africa please feel welcome to Register at for the SARNISSa african aquaculture network – now over 2000 people on it sharing and gaining from each other – also daily updated Facebook site with loads of videos and publications Best wishes Will Leschen Inst of Aquaculture Stirling UK

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