Blue Ocean Strategy (Free Book Inside)

Blue Ocean Strategy is an outstanding book. It clearly outlines the steps to developing new market space and breaking out of the trap of competing head to head with competition. Red oceans are defined as bloody battlegrounds where companies compete against each other in a head to head fashion. Blue oceans are new market space conceived by forward thinking managers to de-commoditize their businesses. Examples of businesses that have implemented this strategy are such as Curves, Southwest Airlines, Cirque du Soleil, Yellowtail Wine, Bloomberg, and even the New York City Police Department.

Tools such as the “strategy canvas”, the “four actions” and the “blue ocean idea index” are provided to assist the reader in visualizing how to create a blue ocean in their industry.

The authors also provide relevant direction on how to successfully integrate a blue ocean strategy into any company by selling it into the organization correctly. Finally, the very useful appendix provides detailed examples in history of continual blue ocean creation over decades. Examples given are the automotive, computer and theater industries.

I would highly recommend this book to any business person or business student. You can purchase the book here.

You know what? We’re giving away free copies of this book to anyone who leaves a comment below. You don’t have to say anything specific, just join the conversation. Good luck!

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  1. blue ocean strategy, the arena for creativity and innovation.


  2. Martin Keino says:

    Great strategies outlined. Looking forward to reading this book!

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  4. Good work so far in giving insights into little thing that matter big in business. I rep for your fast and effective communication needs. I won a book in the last competition you had but it couldn’t download fully,Please resend me the link.

  5. Compe imeisha guys 🙂

  6. It is a valuable book.. Many thanks!!


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