Reflections with Safaricom’s (former) CEO, Michael Joseph

This is a video taken by Moses Kemibaro at the iHub, nairobi on October 20, 2010.

This is a video I took on Wednesday the 20th October 2010 which was Shujaa Day (formerly Kenyatta Day) in Kenya at the iHub, Nairobi. Reflections with Safaricom’s Michael Joseph (MJ) was a 1 to 2 hour long session whereby a select group of invitees got a chance to ask Michael Joseph questions on his wildly successful and “peculiar” decade at the helm of Safaricom, Kenya’s leading mobile network. The video has breaks here and there but its more or less everything he spoke about. I hope you enjoy hearing MJ’s words of wisdom as much as I did. – Moses Kemibaro

Watch the video:

Legendary, eh? What do you think of the man, and the Safaricom that he built?

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